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Vigo Coal Company, Inc. is currently active in six mining locations in Southeastern Illinois and Southwestern Indiana.  Learn more about each of our operations below.

Liberty Mine

Our newest operation, Liberty Mine, is located in Boonville, IN.  Preparations for extraction began in late 2012.  Liberty Mine will utilize Vigo Coal Company, Inc.’s expertise in surface and highwall mining to extract a projected 7 million tons of coal from the Phase I mining area alone.  Afterwards, the community can expect to benefit from Vigo Coal Company, Inc.’s award winning reclamation practices.

Friendsville Mine

Located in Friendsville, IL, Friendsville Mine began its operation in 2002.  After idling in 2004, it has since been active from 2006 to the present.  Covering an estimated 1,334 acres, Friendsville has mined 9.4 million tons of coal through 2012, with an estimated 6 million tons remaining.  Ongoing reclamation efforts at this location earned the Illinois Department of Natural Resources 2011 Illinois Mined Land Reclamation Award.

Red Brush West

Located in Newburgh, IN, coal removal at Red Brush West began in 2011 and is expected to be complete in early 2013.  Affecting only 172 acres, this efficient operation has removed approximately 725,000 tons of coal using a combination of surface and highwall mining.

Chili Pepper Mine

Located near Boonville, IN, coal removal at Chili Pepper Mine began in 2009 and was completed in 2011.  Affecting 155 acres, 800,700 tons were mined at this location.  Reclamation is scheduled to continue until bond release.

Red Brush Mine

Located near the subsequent Red Brush West mine (see above), the original Red Brush Mine began operation in 2008 and coal removal was completed in 2010.  Affecting 202 acres, a total of 723,800 tons were mined.  Reclamation is scheduled to continue until bond release.

Cypress Creek Mine

Vigo Coal Company, Inc.’s largest operation to date, Cypress Creek operated for 13 years from 1998 to 2010.  Affecting an area of 1435 acres, a total of 13 million tons were mined during that time.  Reclamation at Cypress Creek Mine has garnered numerous awards, most recently the Indiana Department of Natural Resources Division of Reclamation 2012 Excellence in Mining & Reclamation Award.

Boonville, IN

Temperature: 56° F

Wind: N 12 mph

Feels like: 56° F

Humidity: 53%

Visibility: 10 mi

Pressure: 29.91 in

Friendsville, IL

Temperature: 54° F

Wind: N 13 mph

Feels like: 54° F

Humidity: 62%

Visibility: 10 mi

Pressure: 29.86 in



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